Devoxx Casablanca: IoT Alert Systems

At the beginning of November, it’s again that time of the year. The Devoxx Casablanca will take place in Morocco (1st to 3rd of November). More than 1.500 attendees from all over the world. Because they will listen to the speeches of the 100 speakers about newest developments in software development, IoT, security and more. Due to it, Karina Popova will have a presentation about how to use our wherever SIM, Arduino, and API as an IoT alert system for real time e-health monitoring.

devoid IoT Alert System

Workshop: IoT Alert System for Real Time e-Health Monitoring

For those who haven’t heard about it before, the wherever SIM is a network-independent SIM card. In addition, it enables users to achieve and maintain a high level of GSM coverage all around the world. Nowadays, as the implementation of IoT projects has no more difficulties and no need to configure devices and networks, we can just have one technical integration point for all IoT items. As a result, with the help of SIM cards and GSM shield, healthcare monitoring becomes easier as it is no longer dependent on an internet connection.

In her speech, Karina will discuss solutions, security features, and suitability of a new IoT epoch. Therefore they potentially can give people the freedom to stay in their home longer without having to relinquish security and medical supervision.

Take your chance and listen to Karina Popova!

Tools-in-Action: “Using wherever SIM, Arduino, and API as IoT Alert System for Real Time e-Health Monitoring”
Karina Popova
1st November 2016
11:40 – 12:10
Les Studios des Arts Vivants, Casablanca


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