PHP UK Conference: How Real Time Communication Can Simplify Our Life

Real Time Communication

One of the biggest changes that the IoT has brought to homes is the ability to control your home while you are away via Real Time Communication. You can change the temperature, lock the doors, turn off the lights, even turn on your TV – everything while you are not even near to your home. But it’s not only about more comfort, it’s also about security.

PHP UK Conference: How Real Time Communication Can Simplify Our Life

One security benefit of having Real Time Communication is, for example, the ability to know if anything is removed. For instance, a burglar enters your house and removes your TV.  You can easily trigger alert messages on your phone, that tells you someone has unplugged your TV.  You can receive these types of messages for anything, for instance, if your front door opens while you’re on vacation.

Now imagine that you also have control over your home alarm. You can check your IP hosted camera and see who is in your house. And then sound the alarm if you need to. The possibilities are endless, and the low cost involved in setting up these types of protections will allow the majority of households to set up powerful home security systems in the future.

But how is this possible? Karina Popova will explain it and which advantages will result from this. In her presentation on February 16th, she will focus on the use of multi-network SIM cards for transferring data and for real-time communication between things (M2M).

Internet of Things: The network-independent sim card

A suitable solution for Real Time Communication is the network-independent M2M SIM card wherever SIM. Detached from a particular network provider, it logs into the best available network and thus combines IoT devices around the world reliably. In addition, the card is located in its own private network and has its own static IP address to ensure that an access is only possible for authorized systems and via a secured VPN tunnel.

The user can manage both, the SIM cards and the terminals, in real time via an intuitive user interface or otherwise directly from the customer’s software application via an easy-to-integrate API for SIM cards.  In conclusion already existing but also new processes can easily use this solution. Another feature of the wherever SIM is the possibility of sending and receiving SMS or USSD.

Take your chance and listen to Karina Popova!

“Real Time Communication Between Things”
Karina Popova (LINK Mobility GmbH)
February 16th, 2017
10:20 – 11:20 AM
The Brewery conference and events center, London


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