UK Voxxed Days Bristol: Karina Popova about AI and Internet of Things (VIDEO)

Internet of Things

You can find lots of popular topics at the UK Voxxed Days Bristol. Internet of Things is one of them. Round about 20 speakers are expected to talk about newest developments. One of the selected speakers is Karina Popova. She will talk about combining Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT) by using M2M SIM cards.

UK Voxxed Days Bristol: AI and Internet of Things

One example of the benefits of AI and Internet of Things is the agriculture industry. The UN predicts the world population to increase to over 11 billion by 2100. As a result, all these people have to be fed. Therefore farming has to become more sustainable and more efficient but at the same time needs to reduce the negative effects on the environment. Due to this new farming concepts could be a possible solution. Farmers can analyze the specific conditions of every field. Sensitive sensors, either within drones or fixed metering stations, could detect water or nutrient deficits, analyze the soil conditions as well as the degree of ripeness of the crop. This information is directly transferred to the farmer’s systems and thus enables him to react resource-saving and environmental friendly as he knows the needs of the land and plants. This is also applicable for pest control.

Internet of Things: The network-independent sim card

One possibility to support Internet of Things and to safely transfer data is the network-independent “wherever SIM”. This SIM card enables users all over the world to gain and maintain a high level of GSM coverage for their IoT devices, in the case mentioned above drones as well as the metering stations. In addition, the card is located in its own private network and has its own static IP address to ensure that an access is only possible for authorized systems and via a secured VPN tunnel. The user can manage both, the SIM cards and the terminals, in real time via an intuitive user interface or otherwise directly from the customer’s software application via an easy-to-integrate API for SIM cards. In conclusion already existing but also new processes can easily use this solution. Another feature of the wherever SIM is the possibility of sending and receiving SMS or USSD.

Take your chance and listen to Karina Popova!

Combining AI and IoT. New Industrial Revolution in our Houses and the Universe”. 
Karina Popova (LINK Mobility GmbH)
2. March 2017
The Watershed, Bristol

Interview with Karina Popova at Voxxed Days Bristol


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